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Precision Gas Sensing Module and Docking Station


SENGA is a multi-channel gas sensing system comprising set of independent intelligent modules and a docking station for up-to 16-channel configuration, with its prior mission in precision gas sensor characterization and long-term sensor data acquisition. Intelligent SENGA modules come with state-of-the-art power-efficient boosting circuitry, enabling utilization of a wide range of gas sensors with up-to 25V, 10W power requirements at one side, or novel micro-heating elements with power requirements down to 10mW, on the other. Two independent resistance measurement inputs found at each module, which span more than 6 orders of magnitude, can be utilized for single or differential gas concentration measurements, as well as an independent feedback for heater or ambient temperature data. By default, the module is equipped with on-the-fly temperature measurement in the platinum heater circuitry utilizing DC current-voltage method. SENGA modules are equipped with RS485 industrial serial bus that enables connection of up-to 64 modules with the same host. To provide housing and docking for multiple modules, SENGA docking station in industrial 19'' case, involving 16 module slots, integrated power supply and a USB/RS485 bus converter, is be readied.